Mixed maritial arts - MMA is a concept of flexibility and freedom. It's an open idea of not clinging onto styles, patterns, and molds that are the limiting factors in the training of traditional Martial Arts.

MMA is for everyone - Men, women, and children of all ages are welcomed. There is no limit to who we teach. No matter your goal, be it fitness, self defense, or a wish to fight professionally, we shape your program into what you are looking for.

Learn to Defend yourself - We offer instruction to use what works. Many styles of Martial Arts are beautiful as art forms, but are not realistic for true Self Defense. Here at SCSD we teach a wide variety of techniques derived from styles such as Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Western Boxing.

Private Lessons - Classes will be held in a private dojo for quality instruction in a more personal setting. All classes are 1on1 with an instructor.
Personal growth - Practicing Martial Arts and learning to defend one's self builds ability and physical strength. The increase of strength and ability build both mental confidence and self respect. Respect for one's self results in the value of life, discipline and respect for others; great qualities for anyone to embrace and for young minds to take with them well into their adult lives.

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